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Do you prefer not to fumble around with paper? Our My1040Data electronic tax organizer allows you to complete your tax organizer and organize your additional tax information electronically to ensure that you don't miss any important deductions.

You also have the ability to import W-2, interest, dividend, and gain & loss statements directly from your financial institutions through a secure bank level encryption wizard. Documents retrieved using this tool will be added as PDF documents to your organizer and we will be able to download them along with your electronic organizer and any other documents you have uploaded.

Please fill in your responses as best you can. Remember, you can return to this organizer at anytime, using your unique Username and Password, to complete any unfinished items.

If you already contacted us to setup your My1040Data electronic tax organizer account, please login using the above button.

If you don't have a tax organizer account yet, please Contact us and we will provide your personalized User ID and Password.

Please note that the following browsers are supported: Internet Explorer; Google Chrome; Safari

Check out the short video below for an instructional overview of the My1040Data process.


ShareFile is a secure system for sending and receiving client information.  It can be used as a password-protected system for sharing infromation and is an easy and secure way to send files that are too large from traditional email. 

Please contact us if you need assistance in setting up ShareFile account.

ShareFile is a cloud-based file-sharing service that enables us to send and receive encrypted documents over the Internet using either the SSL or TLS protocols and up to 256-bit AES. You can learn more about ShareFile’s security features through their general security page.